It hasn’t taken terribly long for true wireless earbuds to get cheap. You’ve got tons of options under $100, and if you look hard enough, some decent picks for even less. But Jabra continues to make some of the best TWEs in the business, and today, you can snap up a pair of Elite Active 65t for 60 bucks at Best Buy.

The 65t are a couple years old, so you’re missing out on some increasingly common nice-to-haves like USB-C charging and active noise cancellation. But if you don’t care about that sort of thing, they’re a great pick for $60.

The sale is only on the Best Buy-exclusive Titanium Black colorway, but it works just the same as all the other colors. At $60, you’re saving $40 off the buds’ normal $100 going rate. As of writing, you’ve got about nine and a half hours to pick yours up. Hit the link below to grab a pair.