Kodi 19.1 arrives with official Xbox support and a ton of bug fixes

It’s been a few months since Kodi 19 was released to the public, its first significant update in over two years. Codenamed “Matrix,” the app presented users with a switch away from Python 2 support for add-ons. That shift has left many popular extensions unsupported, with some fans even delaying upgrading to the new version. If you’ve made the plunge into Kodi 19, a major patch is out today that should help alleviate any lingering software issues you’ve found.

Kodi 19.1 doesn’t include any new user-facing features; instead, this release is full of fixes for any bugs that the dev team didn’t catch between beta and stable versions. Almost every function of the open-source home theater software has been improved or updated, from video playback and subtitles to PVR crashes and some subtle interface tweaks. Some device-specific fixes are also included, like SMB share issues on Android and black screens during playback on Windows 10.

This update also marks the first time Kodi 19 has arrived on Xbox. If you’ve been using a console to stream your favorite movies and shows, you can finally upgrade to the latest version on the Microsoft Store. The Xbox app will be automatically upgraded from 18.9 to 19.1, so prepare for some extensions to stop working.

With the sheer amount of bug fixes here, Kodi 19.1 should go a long way in making current users happy, even without some of the add-ons left behind. You can check out the complete list of patch notes on Kodi’s website or dig deep into Github to view every change, big or small. The update is slowly coming to Android users on the Play Store, but you can skip the wait and grab the APK from APK Mirror.


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