The Galaxy S21 series surprised many of us when it came with Google Messages as the default SMS app rather than Samsung’s own. Google even made some changes to make the app fit in, altering the color palette to match Samsung Messages and adding support (finally!) for Galaxy Watches. Google has taken this one step further this week, completely redesigning Messages to match One UI’s aesthetic.

One UI is designed to accommodate easy one-handed use, allowing users to keep scrolling when at the beginning of a list, pulling the elements at the top down toward the middle of the display. XDA Developers report that Google Messages now matches that design on phones running One UI 3.1, making it feel at home with the rest of Samsung’s skin.

So far, the new design has been spotted on the Galaxy S20 series, S21 series, and F62. We might see something similar on Pixel devices as well, with Android 12 looking set to borrow certain design elements from One UI.

To try out the new design for yourself, you’ll need Google Messages7.9.051 (Pine_RC00.phone_samsung_dynamic), which is available now through the Play Store and APK Mirror.