Toyin Lawani lashes out at critics after being criticised for raunchy nun outfit

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has defended herself after being called out over the raunchy nun photos she shared on social media.

The popular fashion entrepreneur came under attack for her outfit to a movie premiere over the weekend.

Lawani in her post shared on Instagram wore a racy Nun outfit but with a slit in the middle exposing her thighs.

This, however, did not go down well with some followers and Nigerians online who blasted her for mocking Christianity.

But in an Instagram post shared in reaction to the backlash, Lawani averred that Nigerians have refused to be liberated when it comes to fashion and depicting themes.

The stylist who insisted that costumes having the crucifix doesn’t mean it is a sign of disrespect alleged that Nigerians would have loved her costume if it was worn by international celebrities.

“This message is to tell you all that you no get sense, not an explanation.

“Honestly Nigerians have refused to be liberated when it comes to fashion and depicting themes, when will you get it into your empty skulls that costumes can carry a crucifix and doesn’t mean its a sign of disrespect, people dress like sexy nuns all day, for all sorts of events.

“Just because I’m Nigerian but if it’s Kim or your RiRi or Beyoncé now, you will be hearing aww, so hot, my role model.

“Bloody Hypocrites but behind closed door yall disgusting and doing nasty shit, even you pastors who come on here to preach, na una fuck your ushers and church members pass.

“Most of you are so way back, your lack of exposure is really disturbing you lots, you don’t even know what Art is when you see it.

“I learnt fashion internationally, break fashion boundaries and I’m a Risk-taker, you will never be able to understand me cause I will always stay true to what I love and will never do anything to please anyone but myself. If you are expecting that apology you are preaching on my page from me you will be waiting till eternity, take your frustrations to the blogs because if you come to my page I will give you your size,” she said.

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