Windows 10 to let you further customize your Virtual Desktops

Windows 10

​Microsoft has added new features to Windows 10 Virtual Desktops that allow you to customize them to your liking.

Windows 10 currently allows you to create virtual desktops that you can use to launch applications and files that will not appear on your main desktop or other virtual desktops.

Virtual desktops allow you to organize how you use Windows, one virtual desktop for development work, one for emails and business applications, and another for games.

Currently, Windows 10 does not allow too much customization of virtual desktops, other than renaming them.  Furthermore, every virtual desktop you create will use the same background as your main desktop.

Today, Microsoft released Windows Insider Preview build 21337 with an updated Virtual Desktop experience that allows you to use a different background for each desktop.

To change the background image, you can press Win+Alt to open the list of Virtual Desktops, right-click on the desktop, and select ‘Choose background,’ as shown below.

Right-click to change virtual desktop background
Right-click to change virtual desktop background
Source: Microsoft

It is now also possible to reorder your virtual desktop by dragging and dropping them in your list or by right-clicking on a virtual desktop and select ‘Move Left’ or ‘Move Right.’

Reordering virtual desktops
Reordering virtual desktops
Source: Microsoft

If you wish to test these features right now, you can join the Windows Insider program and configure it to use the ‘Dev Channel.’

Just remember, once you join the Dev channel of the Insider program, there is no easy way to revert back to the general release version of Windows 10.

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